===== BSAR TECH SPEC =====

Year / Model: 1983/ 2001/ 2014

Bike Length: 2,1 m

Engine Make / Size: Buell 1200 X1 Lightning /95PS

Frame Make / Type: Rau Central Tube Steelframe with oiltank

Front End Make / Type: Showa USD

Stretch: none

Swingarm: Harris Custom extra long

Transmission/Drives/Clutch: Chaintransmission low geared

Wheels F: Marchesini Magnesium

Wheels R: PVM Aluminium

Tires F: Conti Race Attack120/70 ZR 17 TL Tires R: Conti Race Attack190/50 ZR 17 TL

Brakes F: 2x Discbrakes USA clinched to rim Brakes R: Brembo

Painter: Black

Chroming / Plating:

Additional Info:

seethrough tank, gazoline is visible from both sides

underfloor exhaust pipe, 102 dB.

Design and manufacturing of 18 parts fairing by owner.

All with german TÜV homologation and papers for legal street use!



    A piece of art. The BSAR Motorbike. 


Atelier Bernhard Schwanitz

Dipl. Industrial Designer

Katharinengasse 1
97070 Würzburg
Tel.: +49(0)171 60 53 600